Steelite International

China, Flatware, Glassware and More

Steelite International is a world-leading manufacturer of award-winning inspirational tabletop for the international hospitality industry. Steelite works exclusively with hospitality professionals, giving them a full understanding of what is important to restaurants, hotels and caterers.



Placemats and Table Runners

Sandy Chilewich revolutionized how hotels and restaurants dress their tables everywhere in the world when she launched her first products in 2000. Her original textiles at first glance are simply beautiful but Sandy’s passion is making beauty functional. Each season Sandy designs and introduces a new collection which stretches the boundaries of color and texture. Chilewich textiles offer tremendous design versatility. This combined with the fact that they are also easy to clean, durable and stain resistant make them the only choice when quality is important.


Golden Rabbit

Golden Rabbit is the leading brand of enamelware and oven-to-table dinnerware in America. From the traditional enamelware look to distinctive designs, you'll find unparalleled beauty, quality and practical functionality.

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Eastern Tabletop

Tableware, Hallowware, Buffet Items

Eastern Tabletop, a leading manufacturer in the food service industry, has devoted close to 70 years in exceptional service to major chain hotels and resorts, sport arenas, convention centers, universities, cruise lines, clubs, creating innovative products and providing outstanding customer programs. With sole focus on the tableware, hollowware and buffet items combined with the years of experience in silver art, the Eastern name has succeeded in being recognized as a company of Quality, Design and Trust. Eastern makes their mark in the tableware industry with innovation, fine quality, personal service and exceptional value.

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Buffet Items, Dispensers, Display Pieces

Cal-Mil started over 50 years ago with one goal in mind: focus on manufacturing quality products that are built to last. Cal-Mil believes that quality and innovation are essential elements to a successful company, and they continually put in hard work and creative thinking to push the limits of what the foodservice industry can achieve. Cal-Mil always has, and always will work together with companies large and small to create innovative and exciting products that showcase your individuality.



Glassware, Ceramic Plates, Buffet items

Handmade Mexican glass barware, ceramic tableware, banquet & buffet items, wine buckets & stands, platters, trays, serving bowls and more.


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