Visit our showroom.

Already working on a tabletop concept?
Looking for somewhere to begin?

Our showroom features thousands of tabletop options to choose from.


Step inside of our showroom and start thinking outside of the box! Yes, it’s a lot of pretty plates on shelves but this is where vision comes to life. The showroom is a place to get hands on with product instead of shopping out of a catalog. Set the table… then set it again ten more times. We want you to leave feeling confident in your selections. (Don’t worry, we’ll put it all back when you’re done.) We can’t wait to welcome you!


Our showroom is open by appointment
Monday through Friday

999 Brady Avenue NW
Suite No. 8
Atlanta, GA 30318

We look forward to seeing you at the Table One Hospitality Group showroom!



We are located in the same building as Miller Union Restaurant.
Please park in the lot and go aorund to the South side of the building to find our entrance.